Faust Family U.S.A.

  1. Nancy Faust Norton (great-granddaughter of Daniel Emanuel Faust, granddaughter of Nathan Kunkel).

  2. Clarence Faust (great-grandson of Daniel Emanuel Faust, grandson of Nathan Kunkel).

  3. Barbara Faust Graff (great-granddaughter of Daniel Emanuel Faust, granddaughter of Nathan Kunkel).

  4. Barbara Shoener Hess (great-granddaughter of Jonas Kunkel, granddaughter of Elmer Kunkel).

  5. Schuylkill County Vital Records, Vol. 2, p. 121.

  6. Frieden's Church records, Schuylkill County Historical Society.

  7. Brian Bowman Kimbowrosa@aol.com

  8. The information on the children of Elizabeth Faust was obtained from RootsWeb's World Connect Project:  Ancestors of Richard David Thomas, Jr., Richard Thomas, Columbia, MD.

  9. Lee I. Reber (LeeReber@anv.net) of Las Vegas, Nevada, and native of Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, donated an article on the history of the Gregorian calendar, which was a revision of the Julian calendar, and its adoption by the American colonies.  

  10. Information of Irwin D. Kunkel's family was provided by Jeffrey Kunkel by email in January 2003.

  11. Information on the Heim family was provided by Colleen Ossman of Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania in April 2003. 

  12. Personal visit to Zion Red Church Cemetery, Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania; Christ U. C. C. Church and Cemetery , McKeansburg, Pennsylvania; Frieden's Lutheran Church and Cemetery, New Ringgold, Pennsylvania, in July 1998.

  13. International Genealogical Index

  14. Understanding of German history and geography came from the web site  A Land Called Hessen (with many other maps of Germany) 

  15. Hessen GenWeb  

  16. Lisa Collis 

  17. Katherine A. Rightmeyer by email 21 Nov 2001  

  18. Immigration information is from Pennsylvania German Pioneers, V.1, pp 766-767. The oath of allegiance by the Johann Faust family was taken the same day, 25 August 1733, as frecorded in the Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, V.  VII, p. 9.  

  19. The information on the Ludwig Faust line through his son Johannes B. Faust was researched and donated in April 2003 by Steve Faust of San Antonio, Texas.

  20. The information on Ludwig Faust's line through his son Dewald Faust was researched and donated in April 2007 by Victor C. Faust, Jr. of East Greenville, Pennsylvania.   

  21. Donna Weiler provided information on Philip Faust and Susanna Moyer's family

  22. Information on Johann Faust and Anna Albright's line was provided by Toni Bowman Caison in May 2008. 

  23. Additional information on Victor C. Faust's family was provided by Valerie Sulpzo Clauson in July 2008.

  24. Brenda Faust provided information on Heister Faust's family in February 2009.

  25. Corrections and additional information on William Feick Faust's family was provided by Russell W. Faust in April 2009. 

  26. Corrections and additional information on Hans Faust was provided by Wayne Faust in April 2009. 

  27. Information on the Benjamin Franklin Kunkel family was provided by Brian Bowman in December 2010.

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