Faust Family Famous Recipes

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3-Bean Salad Elsie Faust
Aphid Repellent Diana Holland Faust
Blackberry Cobbler Diana Holland Faust
Chocolate Cream Éclair Pudding Diana Holland Faust
Cranberry Relish Diana Holland Faust
Dips: Avocado Dip and Black Bean Dip Roy Smith
Family-famous Eggplant Barbara Faust Graff
Hot Mulled Wine Diana Faust
House Plant Food Diana Holland Faust
Jambalaya Diana and Doug Faust
Neck Pumpkin Slices Barbara Faust Graff
Neck Pumpkins - About Diana Holland Faust
Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Filling Barbara Faust Graff
Pie Crust - French version Martha Stewart and Diana Faust
Pumpkin Bread Diana Holland Faust
Pumpkin Bread Barbara Faust Graff
Pumpkin Butter Diana Faust
Pumpkin Cookies Barbara Faust Graff
Shoo-fly Pie (2 versions) Elsie Faust
Shoo-fly Pie - Doug's Favorite (Gooey or Wet Shoo-Fly Pie version) Doug Faust
Shrimp, Barbecued Diana Holland Faust
Shrimp, Spicy Roy Smith
Spice Cookies with Pumpkin Dip Barbara Faust Graff
Vinegar - How to Make Herb Vinegar Diana Faust


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