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Nagel, Kunigunda b. abt. 1659 Germany (m. Johan Kasper Faust)  

Neese, James Alvan (son of Soloman Neese)
Neese, Malinda Lou (dau. of James Alvan Neese; m. 1st-name-unknown Starr)
Neese, Soloman (son of Anna Catherina Clapp and 1st-name-unknown Neese
Neese, [Unknown] (m. Anna Catherina Clapp)

Nester, Neda Agnes b. 1868 (m. Mandon Jacob Faust) 

Orth, Anna b. abt. 1547 Germany (m. Hans Fuchs) 

Palmer, Joan Edwards b. 1940 Essex County, MA (m. Fredrick Carl Faust) 
Palmer, Norman Wagner b. 1910 Essex County, MA (m. Dora Edwards Hobbs)

Rack, Elizabeth b. abt. 1680 Germany (m. Philip Faust) 

Ready, Gerald E. b. abt. 1940 (m. Karen Kunkel) 

Reed, Dan b. est. 1811(m. Esther Faust) 
Reed, Magdalina b. est. 1798 (2nd wife of Jacob Faust) 

Reck, Lurene b. abt. 1961 MI (wife of William P. Hess)

Rentschler, Margaretha b. est. 1751 (m. William Deibert)
Rentschler, Michael b. est. 1730 (father of Margaretha, m. Rosina)
Rentschler, Ruth May b. 1926, Schuylkill County, PA (m. Marlin John Faust)

Rightmeyer, Eugene Robert b. est. 1926 (son of Ester Kunkel and John Rightmeyer) 
Rightmeyer, John Edward b. abt. 1901 (m. Ester Catherine Kunkel) 
Rightmeyer, John Nathan b. est. 1924 (son of Ester Kunkel and John Rightmeyer) 
Rightmeyer, Katherine A. b. est. 1948 
Rightmeyer, Mary Louise b. est. 1929  (dau. of Ester Kunkel and John Rightmeyer; m. Moecker) 

Rissmiller, Mary R. b. abt. 1918 (m. Harry N. Kunkel)  

Ritter, Barbara b. abt. 1649 Germany (m. Hans Faust II)  

Rothermel, 1st-name-unknown b. abt. 1859 (m. Ellen Elizabeth Faust)  
Rothermel, Minerva b. est. 1880 (dau. of Ellen Faust and Rothermel) 

Ruppel, Elsa b. abt. 1545 Germany (m. Heinz Doll; mother of Katharina Doll)  
Ruppel, Melchoir b. abt. 1520 Germany (father of Elsa Ruppel) 

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