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Lerch, Andreas b. abt. 1706 Germany (2nd husband of Elizabeth Faust) 

Long, Mary b. 1824 Albany, Berks County, PA (m. Johann Kunkel) 

Lovell, [1st name unknown] (husband of Jane Kunkel)


McGuigan, Allison Lynn b. 1985 (dau. of Dorothy Lynn Allen)

Millard, Elizabeth b. abt. 1845 (m. Joseph Hoch) 

Miller, Catherine b. est. 1787 (m. Abraham Faust) 
Miller, Jane b. abt. 1835 (m. Daniel Fiedler) 
Miller, Thomas b. est. 1783 (father of Jane Miller) 

Moecker, 1st-name-unknown b. est. 1929 (m. Mary Louise Rightmeyer) 

Mohan, M. Mary b. est. 1875 (mother of John Edward Rightmeyer; m. Rightmeyer) 

Mohn, Christolph b. 1591 Langenselbold, Germany (m. Elizabeth Fuchs) 
Mohn, Hans b. 1617 Germany (m. Anna Marie Wilhelm; father of Kunigunda Mohn) 
Mohn, Kunigunda b. 1646 Langenselbold, Germany (m. Johann Faust) 
Mohn, Theophilis b. abt. 1556 Germany (m. Kunigunda Treit) 

Moll, Annetta b. 1851 (m. Jacob Faust) 
Moll, Heinrich b. est. 1738 (m. Elizabeth Faust) 
Moll, Heinrich b. est. 1762 (m. Maria Elizabeth Faust) 
Moll, J. Melchoir b. abt. 1666 Germany (m. Anna Barbara Faust) 

Moyer, E. W. b. abt. 1899 (m. Mae Agnes Faust) 
Moyer, Susanna b. abt. 1748 PA (m. Philip Faust) 

Muntone, Riccardo A. b. abt. 1955 (m. Cynthia J. Kunkel)

Surnames beginning with
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