Kunkel Family 

Johann Kunkel was born 27 June 1822 in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  He married Mary Long who was also born in Albany Township, in 1824.  They had at least one child, Jonas Kunkel.  Johann Kunkel died 26 February 1875 in McKeansburg, Berks (then Schuylkill) County, Pennsylvania at age 52.  Mary Long died 15 April 1901 in McKeansburg at age 77.  

Jonas Kunkel was born 11 May 1846 in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  He married Lavina Trexler who was also born in Albany Township on 20 December 1848.  She was the daughter of Nathan Trexler (b. 11 January 1818 in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania; d. 26 September 1879 at age 61) and Lydia Bauscher (b. 10 April 1825 in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania; d. 2 January 1898 at age 72).  

Jonas Kunkel died 6 December 1925 in McKeansburg, Pennsylvania, at age 79.  Lavina Trexler died 24 April 1941 in Lansdowne, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, at age 92.  

Lavina Trexler

Jonas Kunkel 

Jonas Kunkel and Lavina Trexler had five children:  Elmer, Nathan J., Benjamin, Ella, and Agnes. 


These are Jonas and Lavina Kunkel's little boys

Elmer Kunkel

Nathan J. Kunkel

Benjamin Kunkel 

Jonas and Lavina Kunkel with Elmer, Nathan, Benjamin, and Ella 

Children of Jonas Kunkel and Lavina Trexler:

1.  Elmer Kunkel was born about 1877 in McKeansburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  He married Jennie Siegfried and they had 8 children.
Children of Elmer Kunkel and Jennie Siegfried:

    1.  Albert Kunkel died before 1997.

    2.  Anna Maria Kunkel was born 26 February 1908.  She married Willard Shoener.  He was born 15 April 1904 and died 18 May 1987 at age 83.  
    Children of Anna Maria Kunkel and Willard Shoener:

      1.  William Thomas Shoener was born 21 November 1983.  He married about 1968.
      Child of William Thomas Shoener:

        1.  Kurt Thomas Shoener was born in 1971. 

      2.  Barbara Shoener was born 13 January 1935.  She married Thomas Hess who was born 3 June 1934 and died 14 December 2003.  
      Children of Barbara Shoener and Thomas Hess:

        1.  William P. Hess was born 9 July 1961.  He married Lurene Reck.  

        2.  Blaine T. Hess was born 28 October 1964.  He married Tamera Arrison.  
        Child of Blaine Hess and Tami:

          1.  Colin Hess

        3.   Karl Hess was born in 1968.  He married Susan Boodie.

    3.  Margaret Kunkel died before 1997.

    The Maine and North Carolina Kunkel cousins had lunch together in Calabash, NC in 2011.  Left, Nancy Beale Kumlin (Margaret Kunkel's daughter) who lives in North Carolina, Tom Shoener who lives in Maine and Barbara Shoener Hess who lives in North Carolina.  Tom and Barbara are Anna Kunkel's son and daughter. 

    Thanks to Barb Hess who sent this picture.

    1.  Nancy. 

    4.  Edna Kunkel died before 1997.

    5.  Harold Kunkel

    6.  Helen Kunkel

    7.  Jean Kunkel

    8.  Richard Kunkel died before 1997.  

2.  Nathan J. Kunkel was born 12 August 1879.  He married Hannah R. Freeman.  They had 5 children. Nathan died 10 October 1928 at age 49.  Hannah Freeman died 22 March 1962, at age 80. 
Children of Nathan Kunkel and Hannah Freeman:

1.  Florence Mary Kunkel was born 4 January 1899 in McKeansburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  She married John Daniel Faust about 1918 and they had 10 children.  John Faust was born 26 October 1897, and died 25 March 1979.  Florence Kunkel died 20 December 1983, at age 84.  She was buried at St. Michael's Cemetery in Hamburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania. 
Children of Florence Kunkel and John Faust:

1.  Luther Arnold Faust

2.  Clarence Elvin Faust

3.  Warren Kunkel Faust

4.  Marlin John Faust

5.  Phyllis Jean Faust

6.  Jay Robert Faust

7.  Lucille Kathryn Faust

8.  Nancy Jane Faust

9.  Barbara Ann Faust

10.  George Arthur Faust 

2.  Ester Catherine Kunkel married John Edward Rightmeyer, the son of [first name unknown] Rightmeyer and M. Mary Mohan.  Ester died in 1994 in McKeansburg, Pennsylvania.17   
Children of Ester Kunkel and John Rightmeyer:

1.  John Nathan Rightmeyer, a Doctor of Medicine, lives in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.  He has a daughter Katherine A. Rightmeyer.  

2.  Eugene Robert Rightmeyer, a Doctor of Medicine 

3.  Mary Louise Rightmeyer married a Moecker. 

3.  George E. Kunkel was born est. 1905, in McKeansburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  He married Florence [last name unknown] and had one daughter.  George Kunkel died in 1996. 
Child of George Kunkel and Florence:

    1.  Joan Leah Kunkel was born est, 1930, probably in Pennsylvania.  She married Harvey K. Fisher, son of Edna Kimmel.  He was born in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  He died 21 April 2006.
    Children of Joan Kunkel and Harvey Fisher:

      1.   David G. Fisher was born est. 1955, probably in Pennsylvania. 

      2.  Karl Kermit Fisher was born est. 1958, probably in Pennsylvania.  He married Joan L. Kistler who was previously married to a Shartel.  He died in an automobile accident 21 April 2006 in Frackville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, and was buried 21 April 2006.
      Children of Karl Fisher and Joan Kistler:

        1.  Steven K. Shartel Fisher

        2.  Cynthia Shartel Fisher

        3.  Nathan K. Fisher

4.  Irwin D. Kunkel was born 25 March 1911 in McKeansburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  He married Thelma V. Adam (born 20 November 1915, died 7 January 1981.   He died 6 November 2006, and was buried at Zion Cemetery in Windsor Castle, Pennsylvania, pictured here.  He was the last of the children of Nathan and Hannah Kunkel to die.  
Children of Irwin Kunkel and Thelma:

1.  Karen E. Kunkel was born 1 June 1940.  She married Gerald E. Ready.  

2.  Jeffrey L. Kunkel was born 20 August 1944.  He married Susan C. Amos.
Child of Jeffrey L. Kunkel and Susan Amos:

1.  Catherine Kunkel was born 15 May 1985.

3.  Elizabeth L. Kunkel was born 21 August 1959.  She married Mark Swegle.  
Child of Elizabeth L. Kunkel and Mark Swegle:

1.  Daniel Swegle was born 15 January 1999.10   

5.  Harry N. Kunkel was born 26 September 1913 in East Brunswick Township, Pennsylvania.  He graduated from Orwigsburg High School in 1932.  He married Mary R. Rissmiller who had a brother Franklin.  Harry owned and operated the Kunkel Dairy Farm until his retirement in 1979.  He also owned commercial apple orchards.  Mary Rissmiller died 27 April 1992 at age 74.  Harry Kunkel died 25 June 2002 in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, at age 88.  He was interred in Stagerwalt's Cemetery, RD1, Orwigsburg. 
Children of Harry Kunkel and Mary Rissmiller:

1.  Morton H. Kunkel was born 10 February 1939 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.  He married Elsie.   Morton (Morty) died 13 November 2013 in East Brunswick Township, Pennsylvania.  He was 74. 

2.  Barbara A. Kunkel was born est. 1941; she married a Beyer.

3.  Thomas N. Kunkel was born est. 1943.   He married Gail. 

4.  Jane M. Kunkel was born est. 1945; she married a Lovell.

5.  Cynthia J. Kunkel was born est. 1947.  She married Riccardo A. Muntone.  

6. James W. Kunkel was born 20 September 1949, in Pottsville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. He married Patricia Marie Futchko 13 June 1971. He died 26 November 2004 in Bethel, Berks County, Pennsylvania.
Child of James W. Kunkel and Patricia Futchko:

    1. Alicia M. Kunkel was born est. 1974. She married David S. Kieffer, Jr.
    Child of Alicia Kunkel and David Kieffer:

        1. Mason R. Kieffer

3.  Benjamin Franklin Kunkel was born 9 July 1881.  He married Anna Mabel Estella Buehler.  She was born in 1881 and was called Annie Mae.  She died 18 November 1961.27 
Children of Benjamin Franklin Kunkel and Anna Mabel Estella Buehler:

1.  Ethel Mae Kunkel was born 16 February 1906.  She was called "Peg."  She married Clarence Kimmel, brother to Edna Kimmel who is Harvey K. Fisher's mother.  Clarence Kunkel was born 25 July 1896, and died in 1946.  Ethel Mae "Peg" Kunkel Kimmel died5 September 1990. 
Children of Ethel Kunkel and Clarence Kimmel:

1.  Ruth Ann Kimmel was born 23 June 1939.

2.  Carol Diane Kimel was born 23 June 1942.  She died 22 November 2009. 

2.  Newton Henry Kunkel was born about 1907.  He was called "Newt."  He married Anna Mabel Dietrich.

4.  Ella Kunkel was born about 1884.

5.  Agnes Kunkel was born about 1887.  

Barbara Shoener Hess (great-granddaughter of Jonas Kunkel, granddaughter of Elmer Kunkel) furnished the pictures on this page and much of the Kunkel family history.  

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